About Us

Janus Choice facilitates informed healthcare transitions between different care settings. With a proven history, we offer an interactive, mobile, and easy-to-use platform for matching patients with the best post-acute care providers. Janus Choice reduces hospital readmission and length of stay, while increasing health system top-line revenue, patient experience, and integration of patients that require post-acute care.

Through the use of behavioral economics, persuasive, and exponential technologies, such as AI and Big Data, Janus Choice facilitates smarter and faster hospital discharge processes and establishes stronger and agile post-acute care networks, ultimately leading to better patient experiences, outcomes, and financial health for all providers participating in the process.

Janus Choice’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence platform creates a unique match between the patient and a post-acute care provider based on each patient’s clinical, social, and financial needs while using close to 3,000 data points gathered, verified, and curated by the Janus Choice team.

As a result of this unique match, Janus Choice helps accelerate the discharge process and allows patients to receive proper, timely post-acute care, giving families a peace of mind and comfort. For hospitals, it lowers the risk of readmission and operational costs while improving patient experience and integration rates. Finally, it helps post-acute care providers reach those who need their services the most at the right moment.

The experience Alexandra’s family went through, when her father had a series of strokes and heart attacks, lead to a search for a solution and resulted in the creation of Janus Choice. She has worked on consulting projects for the Department of Surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine and on e-Health projects for Walgreens. While working on Janus Choice, she also received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

We are a diverse group of people from all over the world dedicated to helping patients make better choices on their post-acute care transitions, working with health systems to maximize their financial health through increased integration with their post-acute providers, and collaborating with third-party post-acute providers to grant them access to patients at the most critical point of their care transition.

Everyone involved in our mission, whether employee, vendor, partner, or investor, is treated as family. If you think you have the attitude and skills that we may need to fulfill our mission, please contact us at